Updates and information from Robosane

Robosane now has it's own Twitter profile! Follow it for updates on game events, server downtime, and other fast-paced announcements! Tweet @robosane to ask for new games, features, and whatever else you want to see! As always, being involved is the best thing you can do for us!

Hey! Also check out bethesda appreciation week [LINK BROKEN]!

Sorry for short notice, but downtime is to be expected for the first half of spring break. The servers are being transferred to new hard drives, and as a highschool student, it's tricky. I'm trying my best to get all the servers operating at full capacity. Also note, this website will be offline whilst upgrades are in progress.

There hasn't been a update in a while, so this is going about the current status of Robosane.

Both our minecraft and Teamspeak servers are up and running 24/7, but robobenklein won't be able to play or help with Robosane for a while since he has school stuff to deal with.

On the bright side, I'm still to play and/or help with any problems. Please contact me on Skype or Steam (both usernames are solsane) if you wanna play and especially if there's a problem with one of the servers. 

Also I'd just like to address the seeming lack of activity on Robosane. I haven't seen many people playing on the MC server, which I totally get because I usually don't want to play alone on the server (btw if you wanna play with me that'd be cool) but I can always host an event like spleef or something to try to get people on.

I also intend to create a few new servers with my extra desktops, so if anyone wants a server that hosts something other than gmod or TF2 comment below.

For more Steam-gamer types like myself, we also have a TF2 group connected to Robosane called Pan Level: Beyond. (steam group link if you wanna join)  It's kind've a silly TF2 thing where we fight with the melee weapon Pan and boast of the OPness of the pan. When I see 5-10 people from the steam group playing I invite them all to my game and create an event, usually on a random valve server. I can always help anyone get a pan if you wanna feel included. (youtube video preview: )

You can leave your username for steam or skype below if you want me to add you btw
<spoiler> Kudos to the people still going on the website and checking for new stuff </spoier>

The Minecraft server may be down in the near future for a game-changing upgrade! We will be able to host multiple servers through one address, meaning SMoH will be granted their own private server, along with a requested PVP & Factions survival server!

Hope to see you online, and have a great game!