Privacy Policy

Robosane makes use of and provides services which may collect anonymous, identifying, or personal data. If you aren’t sure of anything, please contact us and we’ll do our best to clarify.

Website data

We collect a bare minimum amount of data as needed in web server logs (IP, Page URL, HTTPS protocols, etc.) to operate websites. This data is never used by anyone outside of Robosane and never leaves our servers. It is wiped after enough time has passed, but might be analyzed in case we need to fix a problem on our end.

For users who allow us (unsetting the Do Not Track feature in your browser), you allow us to keep a short and anonymous history of your interaction with our websites so that we can improve them. Again, this data is never touched by any non-Robosane system or employee. If you can, we would highly appreciate whitelisting our site so that we can know how people really use our website! We will never use this data for advertising or profiling, nor will we ever sell it!

Community game servers

Game servers by nature are impossible to connect to anonymously in order to prevent cheating and exploitation. As such the logs from these servers may include identifying information that Robosane might archive or analyze to improve our services. The data we collect via this means is no different from any other server for the game, even ones you host yourself.

3rd Party Integrations on this Website

We include embeds, widgets, and other visual elements such as images in many of our site’s pages. These visual elements are served by 3rd parties and may have different privacy controls. We try to keep information shared to the absolute minimum possible, but data such as an IP address might still be collected.

Notable 3rd parties:

  • Discord (a widget for the Robosane Discord server)
  • Image hosts (imgur, etc.)
  • Google Fonts