Robosane Update

February 23, 2014


There hasn't been a update in a while, so this is going about the current status of Robosane.

Both our minecraft and Teamspeak servers are up and running 24/7, but robobenklein won't be able to play or help with Robosane for a while since he has school stuff to deal with.

On the bright side, I'm still to play and/or help with any problems. Please contact me on Skype or Steam (both usernames are solsane) if you wanna play and especially if there's a problem with one of the servers. 

Also I'd just like to address the seeming lack of activity on Robosane. I haven't seen many people playing on the MC server, which I totally get because I usually don't want to play alone on the server (btw if you wanna play with me that'd be cool) but I can always host an event like spleef or something to try to get people on.

I also intend to create a few new servers with my extra desktops, so if anyone wants a server that hosts something other than gmod or TF2 comment below.

For more Steam-gamer types like myself, we also have a TF2 group connected to Robosane called Pan Level: Beyond. (steam group link if you wanna join)  It's kind've a silly TF2 thing where we fight with the melee weapon Pan and boast of the OPness of the pan. When I see 5-10 people from the steam group playing I invite them all to my game and create an event, usually on a random valve server. I can always help anyone get a pan if you wanna feel included. (youtube video preview: )

You can leave your username for steam or skype below if you want me to add you btw
<spoiler> Kudos to the people still going on the website and checking for new stuff </spoier>