Updates and information from Robosane

TheJourneyNinja's steamieval floating castle won the castle contest! Congratulations! The winner gets their castle in the main world!


Just letting everyone know that there will be downtime in the next week or so. The downtime is expected to take no more than 4 hours.


Since the castle contest that's going on now (and ends april 1st) has been such a hit, we're gonna do a themed building contest every month! Haven't exactly worked out the details yet, but in April we'll start a new contest.
After talking with people on the server, we've decided Aprils theme will be Dwarven architecture. Post more ideas and/or some more good examples of dwarven architecture in the comments!

Robosane is hosting a Castle Contest in the new creative world! Here are the rules!

  • Must own the plot (/iplot)
  • Must be unique
  • Does not have to look like a castle
  • No putting items/chests to benefit survival players

The idea of a castle can be stretched, from mansions to hangars, to space stations etc. Judging will be held on April 1st! But this is no joke! The winner will receive their castle in the main world!

Also, a new game review has arrived! [LINK BROKEN]