The Beginning

Robosane was originally conceptualized in 2011, then known as the singular server host “Roboserver” (creative name for a server by 13-year old Robobenklein, I know…) which ran a dedicated 24/7 Minecraft server.

Between 2012 and 2014 the popularity of the server grew quickly and soon was renamed to “Robosane” as a combination with the other most active contributor to the servers: Solsane. Robo and Sol first met in middle school, which is when they bought their first dedicated hardware to run Robosane services from: a Dell Poweredge 2950.

With dedicated hardware and an electricty bill being paid by Robo’s parents, the next few years are when Robosane really began to make it’s name across more games.

Growing Up

Robosane followed the trends of its players to eventually end up providing some commercial services to players, most often involving managing and setting up Minecraft, Team Fortress 2, and other game servers.

As the name became a front to both the gaming community and a small business, Robosane had a few more people join the team and completely overhauled the brand between 2014-2015 into what you see now.

With increasing demands far exceeding the household hardware on hand we began offering managed cloud solutions to new customers, which also led into providing more than just game servers.

Modern Operations

Currently Robosane provides all it’s commercial services in one-on-one contracts and relationships. We don’t currently provide on-demand or instant deployment rental services, however there are plans to do so in the future.