Robosane is a Gaming Community

We started back in 2010 as nothing more than a group of friends who got together to make things happen. Our goal was gaming with our friends, so we learned how things worked, did what we needed to do, and in the end we were happy with what we had.

Today, our core focus still is in providing for gamers. The majority of our clients are personal connections and community members who just want join together with their friends just like we did originally in 2010.

To this end, we regularly run both public and private Robosane game servers for our own use as a community for no cost whatsoever to our members. Of course, since we do this out of our own pockets, we generally only run these community servers when we have demand from the players.

Robosane is a Server Host

Robosane provides various commercial services in one-on-one relationships for hosting and managing various types of servers.

Our most popular service is managed cloud rental, where we deploy, configure, and maintain game servers to meet all types of needs.

In addition to game servers we also host web services such as websites, applications, and communication services. Almost everything we work with is built on open source technologies and has zero risk of vendor lock-in. In fact, we have been happy to help multiple clients migrate their in-development services from Robosane managed systems to their private hardware or alternative cloud providers.

Robosane is a Service Developer

There are already plenty of game server providers that you could easily drop $10 / month on and get yourself a nice web admin dashboard and great playing experience, so that’s not something we focus on. After all, users don’t come to us just because they want to spin up a vanilla game server on the spot.

Instead our focus is on developing custom experiences to fit the exact needs and use case of clients of all levels of demand. With more than a few years of experience hosting different kinds of services (and using them ourselves) for user groups of less than a dozen players to multiple thousand users at once we’re uniquely qualified to help create exactly the right setup to meet your wants without going overboard.