Updates and information from Robosane

I'm glad to announce we now have HTTPS support for our website! When you first attempt to reach the site it will warn you that our certificate is not trusted, that's because we signed it ourselves. In order to avoid the 'bad https' warning simply open, import, or install this certificate [LINK BROKEN].

The website downtime lasted for an unusually long time this occasion, however, the experience I gained from fixing it nearly guarantees a 99% uptime from now on.


We have been experiencing some downtime as a result of changes that have been occurring lately (namely the creation of the Garry's mod server and setting up our new server) and as a result we couldn't do the UHC game last week. 

So we'll be rescheduling it to next Wednesday, April 30th at 5:00 pm. RSVP with me or Ben, and hop on teamspeak after school.

Sorry for the downtime folks, for a reason that escapes my casual strategic response to this situation, I failed to understand the difference between a DMZ and a firewall rule...

Anyways, things should all be going smoothly, and possibly more smoothly than they ever have been before. We will be getting a new server for Robosane running within 2 months.