Updates and information from Robosane

The website downtime lasted for an unusually long time this occasion, however, the experience I gained from fixing it nearly guarantees a 99% uptime from now on.


We have been experiencing some downtime as a result of changes that have been occurring lately (namely the creation of the Garry's mod server and setting up our new server) and as a result we couldn't do the UHC game last week. 

So we'll be rescheduling it to next Wednesday, April 30th at 5:00 pm. RSVP with me or Ben, and hop on teamspeak after school.

Sorry for the downtime folks, for a reason that escapes my casual strategic response to this situation, I failed to understand the difference between a DMZ and a firewall rule...

Anyways, things should all be going smoothly, and possibly more smoothly than they ever have been before. We will be getting a new server for Robosane running within 2 months.

This has been a while coming, but we'll be hosting a Ultra Hard Core event next Wednesday around 5:00EST! (I'll be on teamspeak/getting on after school 4:30ish)

If you have any questions or special requests while there's still time left, create a reply below and RSVP with me or Robobenklein. Feel free to bring friends, make teams etc before the game.