Updates and information from Robosane

To any Robosane members who have TF2 (if you don't have it, you should since it's easily the best free shooter), we have a group within Robosane called Pan Level: Beyond that has just reached 50 members!

The premise is that we solely use the melee weapon the frying pan as a weapon in Team Fortress 2. It's always fun to see the reaction when an entire team of guys with miniguns and rocket launchers are defeated by a group of people with frying pans. In case you haven't seen the Youtube video... 

Anyways, even if you don't have the pan I recommend you join the group and if you see any panners on the website or teamspeak make sure to make them welcome.

Our latest building event is going to be themed on pixel art! Go to the build world and build your best pixel art. Multiple submissions are allowed of course.

There will be up to three winning pixel arts, which will get a photo of their art on the front page and their pixel art placed in the hub world!

I'm glad to announce we now have HTTPS support for our website! When you first attempt to reach the site it will warn you that our certificate is not trusted, that's because we signed it ourselves. In order to avoid the 'bad https' warning simply open, import, or install this certificate [LINK BROKEN].

The website downtime lasted for an unusually long time this occasion, however, the experience I gained from fixing it nearly guarantees a 99% uptime from now on.