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Thank you to our community for bringing us information on this issue.

If you haven't heard, there has been some tragic news that started from this Article saying that CraftBukkit has had it's run and it's dying because of legal issues with Mojang.

We'd like you to know that we will not be discontinuing any of our Minecraft servers, and we will and always have been following the terms of Mojang's EULA. If you want to know about what the EULA actually contains in relation to our servers, please see this article.

In short, Bukkit is not dying. It's community is simply fed up with the confusion of the legality of the CraftBukkit project. There have been numerous supportive tweets from members of the Mojang team, reporting that they will see CraftBukkit through the 1.8 update safely.

"That's essentially where we are now - Bukkit is going to be updated for Minecraft 1.8. The immediate future is clear."

Soon, the question will be answered: "Who will lead our great domain,, to greatness?" Robosane will be hosting our first Civilization 5 tournament very soon, and I'd like to see who will be in it! Read more/reply to the forum post here: /kunena/civ5pvp/27-1st-robosane-civ-5-tournament [LINK BROKEN]


Donations are now available! The first ability you can contribute for is the Block Hats ability.

This ability allows you to put any block on your head just like a helmet in any world on the main Robosane server, i.e. not in the PVP server. (That could turn out badly)

The perk costs 1$ and lasts for your lifetime! Note: If your username on the site is different than your Minecraft one, please contact Robobenklein.

Just login and head over to the Donation page!

Robosane now has a functioning dedicated Terraria server! It can be joined at the address Try not to die, we already have enough tombstones to use as signs…