Updates and information from Robosane

Donations are now available! The first ability you can contribute for is the Block Hats ability.

This ability allows you to put any block on your head just like a helmet in any world on the main Robosane server, i.e. not in the PVP server. (That could turn out badly)

The perk costs 1$ and lasts for your lifetime! Note: If your username on the site is different than your Minecraft one, please contact Robobenklein.

Just login and head over to the Donation page!

Robosane now has a functioning dedicated Terraria server! It can be joined at the address Try not to die, we already have enough tombstones to use as signs…

EDIT: This issue has been resolved, and our domain is functioning again.

We’re sorry to inform you that has been taken offline due to actions by Microsoft. The domain wil still remain functioning and it serves the same purpose as We are sorry for any inconvenience. If you wish to know more about why, please read further on this article.

Hey, here's a quick update on what's been going on lately!

In our Minecraft worlds:

IcyLightning has been working on his PVP Server quite some bit, now adding the ability to design your own arena and adventure maps! Talk with him to get started!

We've updated the ruleboards to include help for filing tickets, and moderator applications are open.

The survival world has grown old, as no one has been on it for quite some time. What do you say to regenerating it?

On the opposite spectrum, the creative plots world has grown 20 fold! There are dozens of plots filled (and some overflowing) with amazing builds by a superfluous number of players.