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Some of you may remember the post about choosing a dungeon world. I have waited to post about it until the terrain was fully developed and on the server, but it is finally here! The Dungeon World, a working title, will be a gamemode focused around the completion of various dungeons and quests throughout the world. The world is 6000x4000 in size, so there is a lot to explore. There will not be any NPCs present; exploration is left to the user. Along with dungeons, towns, churches, castles and the like will be strewn about the map for you to explore as well. These may contain clues and other necessary items for exploration. 

Since this is pre-alpha, I am working on building structures. Let me be perfectly clear here, without help, this project will take over 6 months to complete. I need your help! If  you can build anything at all to help with this, please comment and I will make the arrangements for the plot world. 

Again, I cannot do this alone. 

I realize I have not told you what the world is, so following are expected features:

I'm not gonna bore you to death with a long text paragraph, instead I'll just leave some screenshots and leave the rest up to your imagination.

Thank you to our community for bringing us information on this issue.

If you haven't heard, there has been some tragic news that started from this Article saying that CraftBukkit has had it's run and it's dying because of legal issues with Mojang.

We'd like you to know that we will not be discontinuing any of our Minecraft servers, and we will and always have been following the terms of Mojang's EULA. If you want to know about what the EULA actually contains in relation to our servers, please see this article.

In short, Bukkit is not dying. It's community is simply fed up with the confusion of the legality of the CraftBukkit project. There have been numerous supportive tweets from members of the Mojang team, reporting that they will see CraftBukkit through the 1.8 update safely.

"That's essentially where we are now - Bukkit is going to be updated for Minecraft 1.8. The immediate future is clear."

Soon, the question will be answered: "Who will lead our great domain,, to greatness?" Robosane will be hosting our first Civilization 5 tournament very soon, and I'd like to see who will be in it! Read more/reply to the forum post here: /kunena/civ5pvp/27-1st-robosane-civ-5-tournament [LINK BROKEN]