Dungeon World Pre-Alpha!

November 22, 2014


Some of you may remember the post about choosing a dungeon world. I have waited to post about it until the terrain was fully developed and on the server, but it is finally here! The Dungeon World, a working title, will be a gamemode focused around the completion of various dungeons and quests throughout the world. The world is 6000x4000 in size, so there is a lot to explore. There will not be any NPCs present; exploration is left to the user. Along with dungeons, towns, churches, castles and the like will be strewn about the map for you to explore as well. These may contain clues and other necessary items for exploration. 

Since this is pre-alpha, I am working on building structures. Let me be perfectly clear here, without help, this project will take over 6 months to complete. I need your help! If  you can build anything at all to help with this, please comment and I will make the arrangements for the plot world. 

Again, I cannot do this alone. 

I realize I have not told you what the world is, so following are expected features:



Dungeon content will vary. Parkour, puzzles, fighting, and other types of sections will be present in dungeons.  Varying equipment levels will be necessary, so if you fail a dungeon, come back once you have better gear! Not all dungeons will be part of the lore (see below). Dungeons may reward you with experience towards leveling up, or special “relics” which may be required to find or complete other dungeons. This will serve as a sort of quest system for plot related dungeons only; find a dungeon, get a relic for another place, get one for another dungeon, and so on.


As far as puzzles go, some technical knowledge of mathematics and science will be needed. A fair working knowledge of high school mathematics will be necessary for some dungeons as I have it planned.


Your equipment will be a spawn kit which is upgraded by completion of dungeons. You will, at the start, be able to choose what your role will be in gameplay (scout, archer, knight, etc.). The mechanics for this have not been worked out yet, so it may be subject to change. Equipment level will carry after death.


For the time being, inventory will not carry after death.  There will be an ender chest at spawn for item storage, I think.


PvP, for the time being, will be ON. Along with receiving another player’s relics, you can get experience rewards too!


There will be lore. Saying any more would be too much.


My basic schedule of features in the world per phase:

Pre-Alpha:  Making builds and putting them into the world.

Alpha (s) :  Getting the technical systems in.

Beta         : Bug fixes and small group testing.

Release    : Playable.


I may choose to only get some builds done to get to Alpha as fast as possible, so be prepared for that.

I realize that this is a long post, so I will end now.