Updates and information from Robosane

Hello robosane players, I have something to tell you guys! Ben and I are going to be setting up a mini games world, and I would like to know what you guys think and what you would like to see in this mini games world (mini games you have enjoyed in the past/are enjoying.) As of right now, there is currently one Hide and Seek map that will be working very soon, and another to follow a bit behind, along with Cops and Robbers and, a minigame I'm currently developing myself, Hunting Season! 

So, please give some feedback on this potential mini games world in the comments, and I will also be looking for people interested in building their own maps for existing mini games! 

As you may have found, our Garry's Mod server has been balanced on the edge of Trouble in Terrorist Town and Sandbox, I would like to know what gamemode you prefer to have hosted 24/7. Please, if you want either of the servers to be hosted, give one simple answer to this [LINK BROKEN] google docs form.

Hey robosane dudes! Just posting a post to say Imma be acting as the go to guy for arranging games and recruiting new guys. Also I can take care of ban requests and stuff if I'm on. Public relations officer is the title robo gave me, but that mostly means I will be doing a few things: