Solsane is da man

September 22, 2013


Hey robosane dudes! Just posting a post to say Imma be acting as the go to guy for arranging games and recruiting new guys. Also I can take care of ban requests and stuff if I'm on. Public relations officer is the title robo gave me, but that mostly means I will be doing a few things: 


1. Inviting members: I'm gonna do this in a way where I'll be playing a game with someone, and I'll send a few cool guys some friend requests. Hopefully they'll like me enough to stick around and get some cool new guys to come around on occasion. If you wanna help, just bring a friend with you on a roboserver to keep you company. (Oh, and my steam is solsane.) 

2. Administrating: I'll try to help those who are already here have a better time by owning those people who come on a server just to piss you off. It's generally an obvious answer to who was in the wrong, so I won't make a good guy go through too much bullshit to get the lying griefer off the server forever. And if you do some minor thing, I'm not gonna do much about someone accidentally stealing three wheat or forgetting to replant. (in the case of Minecraft) I'll just do my best to make everyone happy and move on. 

3. Keeping the servers alive: Let's be honest, as of now robosane is in it's infancy and a lot of the time not much is going on. I'm going to do my best to arrange games, upload videos, and other things to make sure that people have a reason to come here in the first place. This is as simple as playing on one of our servers, or replying to a post. Please help me in doing this so we can get an active, growing community. I assure you that those who do will get all of the perks that we can give, and if we ever get popular, the best donator/premium stuff that money can buy. 

 Thanks everybody, don't forget to message me if you got a problem or want to play something.