Discontinuing Minecraft Gameplay Design Services

August 10, 2022


Robosane has officially decided to deprecate our gameplay design and administration assistance for Minecraft services.

Any existing clients hosting Minecraft servers are unaffected, however we won’t be assisting new clients in designing and administrating their own Minecraft servers. We can still provide managed hosting, but clients will have to configure and maintain their Minecraft servers themselves.

We mulled over this issue for awhile, and as a community we aren’t happy with the direction that Microsoft has taken the game. It saddens us because Minecraft was fundamental in the growth of our community early on and was the first major game in which we had regular activity.

While Microsoft has owned Mojang for quite some time, the migration to Microsoft accounts was simply not something that we could accept. If you’ve read their terms of service and understood it, you can probably guess why we’re not supportive. We simply aren’t comfortable forcing our staff or recommending our players to accept terms which we don’t agree with. A big part of our services involved complete and private control over the services Robosane provided, and it’s simply not legally feasible to offer that same guarantee under Microsoft’s terms.

To reiterate, we will continue to host and provide infrastructure for Minecraft servers and to support our existing clients, however Robosane will not provide assistance in-game, which previously involved gameplay experience design and administration assistance.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! Feel free to message or email me! robobenklein@robosane.net