New Community Servers

April 24, 2017


We have a new physical server operating!

This server has plenty of resources available (specs below) so we can run just about all the servers we want!

After a few weeks of sourcing parts, build, and some troubleshooting, it's safe to say the hardware is in a stable and reliable state, which means we've already begun to load game servers onto it.

We'll be spinning up new versions of the servers/games:

  • TF2: TF2ware! Grab some friends and compete to earn the most points in this multiple minigame gamemode!
  • Gmod: We're still developing this one, but currently we're looking at TTT and potentially Solsane's DarkRP.
  • Factorio: Right now in private mode, find the team on TeamSpeak or Steam to get engineering with us!
  • Terraria: If we see interest in getting a new Terraria server going, we can do that. We've run a few private worlds, but we don't have the staff to bring a server to be public-facing, read more below.
  • Minecraft: We haven't been keeping up with Minecraft lately since the Microsoft 'takeover' has negatively influenced the playerbase, get in contact if you're still interested.

 Now for the details:


TF2ware should be working as-is. We've set up FastDL, but we've heard some reports of sound problems on the server. Deleting your sound/sound.cache and doing snd_restart in console should fix it. If the server is out-of-date (again...) just ping me (robobenklein) anywhere and I'll get to it ASAP.


We've received interest in a TTT server, so we'll likely be trying that out. We may also be spinning up Solsane's DarkRP on the community server since we stopped it on the cloud instance when it lost traction. (Cloud instance costs are much higher than our own hardware.)


We plan to start private worlds for groups of players, and with the new prerelease 15.x servers too! The Robosane staff currently have a private game in progress, find us on TeamSpeak or Steam to join up.


We have the capability to spin up Tshock servers at will, thanks in part to Docker's virtualization. If you're interested, we're looking for moderators and server managers, since we don't have much time to watch over this server ourselves. If you and a few friends just want to hook up online, find me and I can get one set up for you. (For free, assuming you're a Robosane member!)


Our community has lost interest in Minecraft slowly since Microsoft bought Mojang, so we haven't had enough interest to spin up our entire MCSNv2 again. We still have the data and setup, however we don't have the playerbase that the network was originally designed for.


Finally, since I know some of you will want to see them:

New Community Server Specs:

  • Intel Xeon E5520 x2 CPUs
  • 32GB DDR3 ECC Server RAM
  • Two 1TB disks with software RAID partitions
  • Looks ballin' (esp. since it has 2 rads for 2 cpus)
  • I built this myself (with my college-student budget) so please don't hate too much...


With this substantial upgrade over the last server (and how it makes so much less noise, not being a rackmount chassis,) we finally have room and power to grow out the community servers some more, so if you have an idea you'd like to see us host, please, reach out to me or the Robosane staff!