Cloud hosting progress

November 9, 2016


We've been quiet on the website for quite some time, but we haven't been idle or dying.

Over a few months, we've made significant progress on our goal of cloud server hosting. If you check the news here often (however unlikely that may be) you probably noticed the performance improvement for the website, and potentially the TeamSpeak server. This is because they have been moved to a cloud instance, (which is primarily better just because it's not in my house) where it has much better connection, disk speed (all SSD), and better processors.

The website and TeamSpeak aren't the only things moving to the cloud. Our Gmod DarkRP server is successfully running on one of our gameserver hosting instances, and you can join the server at!

Read on to see the progress that we've made in bringing server hosting to you!

We are currently able to offer hosting, however we do not yet have an administration interface for managing your server.

Things we have working:

  • SFTP Access
  • Automated installation,
  • Start/Stop/Update scripts
  • IPv6 Support for Games

Things on our development list:

  • Web-based admin console
  • Automated subdomain registering (so you can have a name like <username>-<server> instead of an IP)
  • Steam Account integration (we have to do a lot of security work on this one)
  • Crash and error reporting for your servers

And of course, all server hosting will come with:

  • Solid-State Storage
  • Worldwide locations available
  • Plenty of bandwidth
  • Support from Robosane