Robosane UGC Highlander Season 17

September 29, 2015


Robosane is proud to announce the start of UGC Highlander Season 17 with our first victory!

On Monday, September 28th, the Robosane UGC Team had their first match of the Season, and we were ready. We won the first half 4-0 then stopped the enemies from capping any points in the second half. Well done Team!

Interested in getting involved in competitive TF2? Add me on Steam!

Read on for more details about the match!


UGC Week 1 - SaltyCatz vs. Robosane

Match log files:

UGC Team page:

We did extremely well for our first match, hopefully we can keep the trend going!

Although you may not be able to join us during the current season, Highlander S18 and 6v6 S20 are coming up during the spring-summer of 2016! Add Robobenklein or Solsane on Steam if you'd like to be on the team for next season!