May 26, 2015


NOTICE: Minecraft Server Hub design submissions due before May 30th!

Hey, it's been awhile hasn't it? Well a lot has happened, and a lot hasn't happened that probably needs to...

Anyways, here's what HAS happened!

Our TF2 server has risen among the ranks! It's popularity is growing, and Mr.Dolphin is our first moderator for the server! We're open to applications for all servers in the Forums Section.

If you see Solsane or I playing TF2 on the server, you'll definitely want to join. Last night was crazy to say the least with Tanks and Grappling hooks on Hightower. Even if we're not on, be sure to look for surprises!


Now here's where we're slacking.

Our Minecraft server has yet to have much progress made, and it's very thrown together and dysfunctional at the moment. The Administration will be focusing our efforts there until it's ready, hopefully before my birthday on the 30th...

Our Garry's Mod server is lonely. We haven't seen nearly anyone on there for awhile. If you have any ideas for that server, please, tell us! We're open to all suggestions, from DarkRP to Sledding and such.

The Terraria TShock server has also fallen to the unknown array or bugs and glitches that it so long has endured. If the server is down and you want to use it for any reason, please contact me and I can restart it for you until it crashes yet again.

That's all I have for now, I'll go back to finishing the Minecraft Server Network.

Have a good day and a great time on our servers!