The Eights

March 24, 2015


You've likely known that our Minecraft server have not been so active, and we completely understand. They've become stale, outdated, and worst of all -- they aren't bringing you the latest features that 1.8 brings along.

That's about to change. We're gonna ditch the old network structure. We are moving to the Robosane Minecraft Server Network version 2. (McSN)

This new and roaring server network structure will comprised of four main parts:

The Server Hub:

This is where you'll connect to upon joining. It's a place to find your friends, get together, and prepare for where you're going next. It will also be the place where you can find special donator pets, hats, and other surprises! From here you can make your way easily to the other servers in the network.

The Build Server:

We all know how you can easily get tired of surviving, battling mobs and building cheap houses, so here's where money is no object. This is where you'll find creative plots for small medium and large builds, from 50x50 to 300x300. Custom Worlds and Plots will be available upon request.

The PVP & Arena Server:

When you just gotta fight, take it to the arenas. Battles will range from crazy Magica duels to your sneaky stabs, to the other competitive team maps. IcyLightning has created many a magical battles before, and I'm sure we'll see even more.


And all the Community Servers:

This is where you'll find amazing new servers and challenges you'd never thought so possible before. Of these Community Servers will be Icy's Dungeon World, an incredibly massive RPG-like adventure waiting to happen however you decide to conquer it!

The Details:

We'll be moving our primary servers over to Spigot, a server from the Bukkit API, which has greater control and performance than it's somewhat dead Craftbukkit counterpart. Since both systems were using the same Bukkit API, many of the features you've come to know and love can still be available with little to no modification.

If you have any further ideas or plugin requests, feature desires or whatnot, please feel free to leave comments and/or post in the forums.