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Robosane started with a single craftbukkit server hosted by Robobenklein on his family's computer. His parents didn't like leaving the computer running all night long.

While playing on his server with friends Clanop and Solsane, a fictional company named "Robo Co." was formed and the name was later adopted to cover the name of a few friends helping moderate the server.

Around early 2012, Robobenklein got a company's old server from an internship, he then made his server 24/7 and attempted to bring in more users. The server was the only computer Robo actually owned, and performance was not much to brag about.

In 2013, we decided we wanted to become a more official organization and so we sought out a new non-copyrighted or trademarked name, which came to be "Robosane." Along with the new name change came a website to help our users and members connect with us and tell us what they want to see.

Late 2013, Robobenklein started looking for serious upgrades to the servers. the CPU was maxed at 100% 24/7 and the RAM stayed 90% used. He is still hunting for better equipment and hopes to expand our services to any games our members may want to play.

April 2014, Solsane ordered a new Dell Poweredge Server with four times the capabilities of our old one. It handled all of the servers we were currently running and more. Leaving us with a new Garry's Mod server to go along with it.

The summer of 2014 gave a large influx of new members, with the pan group reaching near 100. Alongside our new users, also arrived a new Terraria server.

Again, January of 2015, we retired a few stale Minecraft servers as there was no longer a 1.8 Craftbukkit build since the Legal Issues with the software. This same month, a Team Fortress 2 server arrived!

January 27th, Robosane acquired 6 more new employees, to form a new total of 9 employed, all still under 18.. Although no one at this point is making any actual money, they've been hired to spread the word of Robosane, market our business, and revamp the whole thing! Hopefully we'll see something great out of this!

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