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You ever wonder who's working behind these digital scenes? We did too, wait, we already know who's working for us, here they are:

Ben Klein [robobenklein]

He is where this entire thing started, all the way back when he was in 7th grade, or 8th, anyways he started this pretty darn early on. He's been the one who's spent days configuring, attending to, and making love with the servers. He's currently the only one to know more than 3 programming languages. You can check out his job profile at

Aidan Rutter [Solsane]

This is our second Founder, he's the one who actually introduced Ben to Minecraft, which without that, this would have literally never happened. Without this one spark, this, never would have happened. He knows a good deal about computers and networking, and helps servers stay in contact with the world. He's an excellent gamer and makes a very good Chief of Public Relations, he'll often schedule events, such as the Civ5 Pitboss tournament. You can reach him on this site or by email to

Kobe Kinney [Kirik]

Our "Imperial Wizard of Tasks" as he likes to call himself, makes sure that people stay working, know what they're gonna do, and how they're doing it. He works closely with Ben Klein to ensure all the staff are working their full potential.

Joshua Byers [Legoman]

Joshua is an avid programmer in Javascript and HTML. He works well with groups and knows when to ask questions. He'll be working with Web Design to spiff up our web pages.

Yves Paultre [CtrlFreak1337]

Yves is our website, Minecraft, and Terraria server moderator. He is tolerant to a certain degree, but do not test the ban hammer. He is also not above using trolling to enforce the rules.

Patrick Wooden [Vermillion]

Patrick is our "Arclord of Marketing" and he'll be the one trying to bring in customers and sell server rental slots.

Preston Gull [pressonthis]

Preston is our professional web designer in-house. He'll be the one spiffing up our site so it's always at it's best, and keeping our designs to latest breaking standards.

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