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Hi all, I am voluntarily de ranking to moderator because I don't have the time/desire to fufill administrative duties. If you have any issues with someone else, or you have dev related stuff for me to pass on to our humble administrator, let me know! This also means I no longer consider myself a co owner, this is unfair to Robo who does all the work anyways.

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You're joining Robosane's DarkRP server!

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General Rules:

    1. Do not RDM(Random Deathmatch): You are not allowed to kill anyone unless you have a valid RP reason.

    2. Do not CDM(Car Deathmatch): Do not run over people at all, enable no-collision on your car to prevent CDM.

    3. Do not break NLR(New Life Rule): When you died, you will forget everything that happened to you in your previous life. You are also not allowed to go back to the area you died for 5 minutes. If you are killed in a raid, NLR lasts for 3 minutes instead of 5.

    4. Do not RDA(Random Arrest): Do not arrest anyone without legit RP reason. If you are arresting a guy who killed you previously, Rule 3 applies.

    5. Do not micspam: Do not play music, or generally spam through the microphone, disrupting communications of people around you. Unless you are RPing as a hobo.

    6. Do not use Voice Changers: Do not use any programs that will modify how you sound, you will be gagged if you do.

    7. Do not Prop Spam: Do not spam/spawn props for no reason. The props will be deleted and if it is severe, you will be kicked.

    8. Do not Prop Kill: Props aren't weapons, guns are. If you prop killed someone, you will be kicked. If the propkill is severe, you will be banned.

    9. Do not Prop Block: Do not block areas with props to ensure that no one could get through.

    10. Do not Prop Climb: Do not use a prop just to get over a fenced in area, to get across the barrier or to reach otherwise unreachable places.

    11. Do not Prop Surf: Do not use a prop to make yourself fly.

    12. Do not Prop Push: Do not use a prop to push a player.

    13. No offensive sprays allowed: Users who have sprays that are considered offensive(hentai/porn/homophobic/racism) will be banned for 2 weeks with no exception. Continued breaking of this rule will end with more than 1 month ban.

    14. Do not Metagame: Metagaming means that you are using non-RP ways to get information during RP-ing. For example: Using OOC(Out of Character) chat to inform the cops that you are kidnapped and telling them where you are. Another example: Using no-collided cars to enter a base to find out how protected it is.

    15. Do not FailRP: Do not do things that are impossible in real life. For example: Using physgun to get your car back from stealers, and a flying base with no support from the ground. Raiding by using drugs to fly.

    16. Do not spam binds: Excessive use of binds, whether it be adverts or to be annoying, will result in a kick.

    17. Do not abuse fading doors: Do not open then close the fading door just to kill someone, and do NOT close the fading door after someone cracked it. Using buttons to avoid this rule is NOT allowed.

    18. Advert Mug, Steal and Raid: So when you kill someone, admins know that it's not RDM. And do it to tell everyone you are mugging, stealing our stuff. Mugging can only go up to $10,000 and must last at least 10 seconds before killing. You must also wait at-least 1 secnd before killing someone when calling raid!

    19. Do not use glitches or abuse tools: One-way fences, etc. are not allowed.

    20. Kidnapping cooldown: You are not allowed to kidnap a person that had been kidnapped for the past 30 minutes.

    21. Kidnapping rules: Players may have a maximum of 1 person kidnapped at a time. Players may only hold their victim for 15 minutes, if the ransom is not paid then they kill the person they kidnapped. When paying ransom, you are paying for that persons freedom, they are not your slave. Players can not change ransom request; ex. If they say it is $10,000 it stays that much. If the kidnapping fails, for instance you are apprehended by the police or you are countered, then you must wait 3 minutes before trying another kidnap.

    22. Assassinate cooldown: You are not allowed to assassinate the mayor if the mayor had been assassinated for the past 30 minutes.

    23. Mug cooldown: You are not allowed to mug a person that had been mugged 15 minutes or less.

    24. Do not war without admin permission: You are not allowed to have wars when you do not have an admin's permission. Wars cannot be auto-accepted and MUST be accepted by both the admins and the opponent. War can only last up to 30 minutes, and the duration of it is decided by the accepting admin. If the accepting admin leaves the game during the war, the war MUST be stopped.

    25. Do not make props invisible: Do not make props invisible as it is a cheap way of cheating/fooling people into thinking that there are no props in the area.

    26. Do not impersonate staff members: You are not allowed to change your name as one of the staff members in Robosane, you will be kicked/banned if you break this rule.

    27. Do not use hacks or scripts: Do not use any kind of in-game modification that requires a lua bypass, it is unfair and ruins the RP experience.

    28. Do not use any exploits: Do not use any abusive exploits, it is unfair and ruins the RP experience. Report any exploits on the forums.

    29. No invisible physguns: Do not set your physgun beam to invisible. If we catch you using invisible beam, you will be asked to change it. If you choose not to, you will be kicked. If using an invisible beam for the wrong reasons (propkill, trolling as admin) you will be banned with no warning.

    30. Police Checkpoints: A maximum of 2 checkpoints may be made, police checkpoints must be near the PD or Police owned structures. 1 way props, and props that obstruct movement but can be shot through may not be used in checkpoints. A checkpoint may not be impassable there should be a way to sneak through or get around it, without using any special tools or weapons. Checkpoints may only be made by the Mayor or with Mayor permission. There must always be a SWAT or CP to open the fading door, if ever left unattended so people cannot gain passage, it may be removed. 

    31. Camera Blocking: If you are caught blocking cameras with a prop for any reason, it will be treated as propblock and FailRP.

Default Laws:

These are the laws in place when there is no Mayor or Law Board so people can stop complaining about RDA.

  • Raiding is AOS/KOS.

  • Mugging is AOS.

  • Stealing is AOS.

  • Kidnapping is AOS/KOS.

  • Carjacking is AOS.

  • Any thief action is AOS/KOS.

  • Money Printers are AOS/KOS and will be destroyed.

  • Harming other people in the town is AOS/KOS.

  • Weapons larger than a pistol are AOS unless gun holder has gun license.

  • Any attempt to assassinate the mayor is KOS.

  • Possession of drugs is AOS.

  • Beer and Cigarettes are legal.

Basing Rules:

    1. Fading doors must last for 5 seconds or above: Fading doors that do not last for 5 seconds or above might be deleted by an admin.

    2. Do not use double fading doors: Do not make double fading doors so raiders are trapped and waiting to be killed by the defenders.

    3. Do not build in public areas: Do not block roads or anywhere that is available to public. If you want to build a base, build it inside a building. An exception to block public areas is that you own all buildings in that area, and that you have more than 5 members in your gang.

    4. Do not build in other base's area: Do not build anything that touches the base/KOS line of bases that does not belong to you.

    5. Do not spam Keypads/Buttons: Do not spam Keypads or Buttons to make raiders having to guess which keypad controls the fading door.

    6. KOS line cannot exceed the sidewalk: KOS line cannot cover the road. If you want your KOS line to cover the road, ask for an admin's permission. Also do not place a KOS line or sign until you are done building.

    7. Do not make death boxes: Do not make boxes or walls that will give no chance to raiders to damage you. To make your defenses fair, if you can see and shoot the enemy, the enemy must be able to see and shoot you too.

    8. Do not build on roofs: Do not attempt to gain access or build on rooftops that don't have original ways of gaining access. Using a ladder or elevator to gain access on those areas will be counted towards Rule 10 in General Rules.

    9. Do not make doom fortresses: Do not make it so that people have to crawl through areas, figure out mazes or puzzles, or generally forcing them to have a difficult time entering your base. Make it so the raiders have a chance of jumping and moving in your base. Don't encase the props on them so they have no mobility.

    10. Do not base in PD without correct job: Do not base in PD if you are not a Mayor, a Civil Protection, a Civil Protection Chief, or a SWAT.

    11. Do not use buttons to control entrances/shields: Do not use a button to close an entrance or activate/deactivate shields quickly. Basically, do not use buttons as an alternative to prop flash and/or fading door abuse.

    12. Building signs: Building signs will disallow raiders' right to call raid/mug near or in your base. But as soon as you are shown to have weapons and/or valuables such as money printers and weapon shipments, your building sign will be voided and raiders' are allowed to raid you.

    13. No Mega bases: Do not make bases that cover the entire wall from floor to sky. We will only warn you once about reducing the size. If you do it again it will be reduced/removed without warning.

Raiding Rules:

    1. Do not return to raiding area after death: Attackers are not allowed to return to raiding area after death, only defenders are allowed to do so after their 3 minutes of NLR passed.

    2. Do not kill people who are not involved in the raid: I have been receiving reports of RDM where innocent people are getting killed when they are NEAR the raiding spot, is not in the crossfire, and is not involved in the raid at all. Attackers/defenders are NOT allowed to kill people who are not involved in the raid. However, the only exception to this rule is that an innocent was INSIDE the property of said spot.

    3. Do not capture bases: Capturing bases are not allowed.

    4. City Takeovers: Can be done by taking over and controlling the PD for 20 minutes. Cops MAY ignore NLR in order to retake the PD. Should the raiders succeed in controlling the PD for 20 minutes, an admin may switch the leader of the takeover to Mayor, and demote current Mayor(if applicable). Cops then MUST adhere NLR. And the Mayor(leader of the takeover) may appoint his/her member to be his body guards or police forces. An admin MUST be in the server to initiate a city takeover.

    5. PD Takeovers: If there is no admin for a city takeover, you are only allowed to initiate PD takeovers which can only have a maximum period of up to 30 minutes. There must be at least 3 cp/swat to do a pd takeover otherwise it's unfair.

    6. Takeovers must be valid: All takeovers must have a valid reason, for example having an arrested teammate. You may not do a takeover with a reason such as "f**k the police".

    7. Do not build to raid: You are not allowed to build another base near the base you want to raid.

    8. Do not use props: You are not allowed to use props at all during a raid. This rule is applied to PD takeovers.

    9. Raid Cooldown: You are not allowed to raid the same base for 20 minutes.

    10. Maximum Raid Duration: You are not allowed to raid for over 5 minutes, it would be considered a takeover and base takeovers are not allowed.

    11. Raid adverting: You must advert raid if you want to start one, and the raid must be adverted outside of the base targeted. Make sure you put raid assist for any assistance in raids.

Jobs' Rules:

  • Citizen

    • You are not allowed to raid.

    • You are not allowed to mug.

    • You are not allowed to steal.

    • You are not allowed to assassinate.

    • You are not allowed to base with gangsters, mob boss

  • Civil Protection / SWAT

    • You are only allowed to raid if there is a wanted man in their base or if you have warrant against owner of the base.

    • You are not allowed to mug.

    • You are not allowed to steal.

    • You are not allowed to assassinate.

    • You are not allowed to randomly warrant people.

    • You are not allowed to randomly want people.

    • NLR does not apply in PD only during TAKEOVERS.

    • You are not allowed to have a base outside of PD.

    • You are allowed to create a maximum of two checkpoints. The checkpoints may only be placed outside of a police owned structure.

  • Gangster / Mob boss

    • You may only base with other criminal jobs, no limit.

    • You are not allowed to help the CPs in any way.

    • You are allowed to mug, steal and carjack.

  • Gun dealer

    • You are not allowed to raid.

    • You are not allowed to mug.

    • You are not allowed to steal.

    • You are not allowed to assassinate.

    • You are not allowed to base with gangsters or mob boss.

    • You must have a shop for the public.

    • You are not allowed to self-supply.

  • Medic

    • You are not allowed to raid.

    • You are not allowed to mug.

    • You are not allowed to steal.

    • You are not allowed to assassinate.

    • You are not allowed to heal people while they are raiding. 

    • You are not allowed to assassinate.


  • Mayor

    • You are only allowed to raid with your cop team if there is a wanted man in their base or if you have warrant against owner of the base.

    • You are not allowed to mug.

    • You are not allowed to steal.

    • You are not allowed to base outside of the PD.

    • You are not allowed to post Laws that will affect the default Laws.

    • You are not allowed to randomly warrant people.

    • You are not allowed to do random Lockdowns.

    • You are not allowed to randomly want people.

    • The Jaywalking law is prohibited.

    • Any law about how or where you walk is prohibited.

    • You are not allowed to enforce your own laws, I.E shooting people with guns, arresting them etc..

    • You cannot have extreme laws that completely inhibit RP. Examples include "KOS all Hobos" "Physgun is KOS" . The "extremeness" of the law can be valued by an admin if it is being complained about.

  • Hobo

    • You may not setup gangs that have more than 5 people.

    • You are not allowed to raid.

    • You are only allowed to base in sidewalks, alleys and tunnels with dead end.

    • You are not allowed to base with anyone besides other hobos.

    • You are allowed to have weapons.

    • You are allowed to play music through your mic. However, you are not allowed to intentionally follow others. You can play in one spot all you like, meaning if you are micspamming in someones store for example, you must leave.

    • You are allowed to mug but you must respect a cooldown of 5 minutes.

    • You are allowed to steal.

  • Hitman

    • You are not allowed to raid.

    • You are not allowed to mug.

    • You are not allowed to steal.

    • You are not allowed to have a hit on the same person for 15 minutes.

    • You are not allowed to get a hit from the same contact for 5 minutes.

    • You are not allowed to accept hits from other hitmen.

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