Ready to Game?

Our server addresses are changing! This will allow us to better move our servers around without having to tell you to update your bookmarks ever again!

It's a very easy scheme to remember! Just see for yourself:> Team Fortress 2> Minecraft> Garry's Mod> Terraria TShock Server * OR  -> Currently links to all servers. (It may not in the future.)> TeamSpeak 3


Got it? Now go update your servers! And don't think this will be a common thing, doing this once will allow us to swap servers seamlessly in the background, without having to interrupt your day! 


Want to know the details behind why we did this?

We recently moved our website behind CloudFlare's CDN, making our website more available, even when we're having problems. It will also decrease latency, loading times, and increase responsiveness throughout the site.

Along with the website improvements, are the DNS optimizations. CloudFlare's DNS services update immediately, making downtime barely noticeable, and allows us to make server IP changes in real time without having to give you a new IP or waiting for the change to propagate.

Thanks for stickin with it! \robobenklein

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