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You must have noticed by now, that Robosane has not been updating their servers to the latest Minecraft version! Now why could that be?

Simply put, Craftbukkit has died. All of it's resources like server versions and Bukkit API have been taken down. Robosane is still using it's personal copy of the 1.7.9 Craftbukkit until we can find a new solution.


While searching for a new server implementation, we found Granite. I have begun reading through their code and it looks very promising, because with Granite, is a new Sponge API implementation. If you haven't heard of Sponge, you can check it out here. 

In short, Granite will be able to function alone as a plugin platform, and then again with a SpongeAPI allowing mods and plugins to run on the same server base. Robosane will be adopting these systems as soon as they become stable. We will be writing custom plugins for our server as time goes on, because honestly we are very unlikely to find all the features we desire in plugins already developed for Granite.

If you wanna keep up with the projects, be sure to check both the Granite Github and SpongeAPI website.

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